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Adventure Time at ÆLOGICA


My internship program experience at ÆLOGICA was very exciting! Not a day has passed that I wasn’t challenged. This is one of the best opportunities that was given to me...


Learning Never Stops at ÆLOGICA


I can proudly say that I learned a lot of new things that made me very productive and passionately curious during my one month and two weeks stay at ÆLOGICA.


Summer Day Trip at Caliraya


ÆLOGICA celebrated its annual summer activity at Caliraya Resort Club on April 23, 2016. This was a day where we get to step out of the crowded city and appreciate nature.


ÆLOGICA (Philippines) Inc. Celebrates Anniversary


June 11, 2016 marked the 4th anniversary of the incorporation of ÆLOGICA Philippines Inc. – the Philippines affiliate of ÆLOGICA LLC.


Drink Up! The Benefits of Coffee at Work

Ahh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning! Who can resist the aroma of freshly ground Arabica? Luckily for us at ÆLOGICA, we can now enjoy fresh Americanos, espressos, cappuccinos and lattes at a simple touch of a button; thanks to our new, sophisticated coffee machine — a Jura Impressa X90. Out with the old French press and the cumbersome tool of the consummate coffee snob, the aeropress… No more excuses about the muss and fuss of preparing coffee.  The coffee drinkers of ÆLOGICA rejoice!


When Should I Upgrade Rails?

iStock_000016224907_Medium_editedIn 2016, the Rails core team will release Rails 5 - continuing the pace of a major version release approximately every 2 or 3 years. Ruby itself continues to undergo continual improvement as well. I have been working with Rails since the Rails 1.1 days and I have seen a number of applications approach the upgrade problem at each cycle.

Currently at ÆLOGICA, we have two substantial client applications which are a major version number behind the current release. They are both confronting the upgrade choice. When Rails 5 comes out ...


Learnings from Organizing DevCon Summit 2015 (Pt. 1)

I was part of the organizing team which consisted of 60+ volunteers - The largest team we’ve ever had at a DevCon event. It was a really bumpy ride for everyone. Mistakes were made, and a lot of things were learned during the event. The event opened my eyes and made me appreciate how hard events production can be.


Cleaning Your Engines

We have been working with a lot of Rails engines and we have noticed that some of them have become very large when compiled as gems.



Managing Academic Organizations to Working Full Time in IT

Image courtesy of UP CSI

After finishing my undergraduate course in UP, I chose to continue my passion for technology and innovation at ÆLOGICA. It’s actually unexpected of me, like the other people who had the same management background, to set sail in the technical part of the industry.


Marketing Experiments – Finding and Building an Audience Part 1

appexpress puzzle missing piece

We are preparing to launch AppExpress. I view launching as conducting a series of marketing experiments to see where we connect and catch fire. AppExpress can grow to do many, many things, but we have to focus somewhere initially.