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AELOGICA Joins Engine Yard Partner Program

  |  May 11, 2012

Today, we are excited to announce that we have joined the Engine Yard Partner Program. The program offers us better access to Engine Yard’s commercial grade Ruby on Rails deployment platform.

Engine Yard Partner

According to AELOGICA CEO, Steven Talcott Smith, “As Engine Yard Partner Program members, we will be able to deliver better applications and faster cloud deployments, all backed by Engine Yard’s expertise and support. Clients who choose Engine Yard hosting on our recommendation can be assured of reliable around-the-clock production support on a fast and stable platform.”

“AELOGICA stands out within the Engine Yard Partner Program by offering value and capabilities other Development Providers cannot match. As the sole EY partner and the premier development studio in the Philippines we are uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of our location and talent to Engine Yard customers.”

AELOGICA’s membership in the Partner Program has already resulted in benefits for both parties. According to Steve, “We have already brought opportunities to Engine Yard’s attention and Engine Yard has referred important business to us. We are please and look forward to more productive collaboration.”

Engine Yard Partner Program Logo