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Don’t Confuse Building the Product Right with Building the Right Product

  |  April 29, 2012

Just now I was scanning the SV Product Group’s site, preparing to register for their upcoming Product Owner workshop when I came across this line in their recent post, How To Kill Innovation:

For tech companies, it’s just not about eliminating defects and inefficiencies. It’s about discovering and delivering products and services that customers love. Don’t fall into the trap of confusing building the product right, with building the right product. [emphasis mine]

This gets to a key sticky point that I repeat over and over: Efficiency and Quality, while important, are secondary to Product-Market Fit.

Some people who consider offshoring development seek agressive savings because they have not achieved product-market fit and lack resources to continue developing at market rates. While we offer significant savings over top-tier domestic consultancies, our typical projects run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and represent a long term commitment of real money.

Offshoring development will not help you if you are not building the right product. Once you have that traction or have a clear response from the target customer group, offshore development can help you stretch your resources further and provide access to a level of talent you may not be able to source locally in today’s tight market.