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Traditional to Digital – Marketing in Tech (Part 1)

  |  October 8, 2015


Has traditional marketing become obsolete, and traditional marketers extinct?

The digital world has been significantly contributing to the rapid change in methods, concepts and standards in advertising and marketing for the last decade. This was when businesses big and small have started becoming open to this new concept. Soon enough web presence in the form of a website or a Facebook page has become a must. Ten years later, online marketing is the new normal.

I now work for a tech company doing 98% online marketing, but it has not always been that way. I was lucky enough to have experienced drafting marketing plans, old-school targeting, and of course tri-media planning. In my honest opinion, traditional marketing is not dead but simply has evolved. This is because digital marketers must not lose grasp of the basic concepts of marketing because they are the same. The only difference is that the arena has changed and reach since became wider.

Here is a list of the methods that we’ve carried over to digital marketing:

  1. STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) – In any business, the business and marketing plans are very important. The STP method has to be done prior to any planning to be able to identify who the market is.

  2. 7 P’s (Price, Place, Promotion, Process, Product, People, Physical Environment) – After being able to identify the target market, you will need to identify the industry and competitor landscape to determine what kind of marketing mix you will offer.

  3. The Line (Below the line, Above the line, Through the line) – This is where it becomes a bit complex, since these terms are associated with traditional marketing, we will need to get the basic concept and apply it to online marketing methods.

  4. Press Release Writing – In any way, you will need compelling content whether traditional or digital

  5. CTA (Call to Action) – This is important because this will help you and your target market to transition to the next step

  6. Forecast and Metrics – As in any effort, this bit should always be included as it is important to measure the effectiveness of activities online or offline.

This is my standard recipe whenever I get into something different and quite challenging. One example in particular, is that in the past few months and in the coming couple of weeks, we have been working on and will be launching AppExpress. Immeasurable talent and thousands of developer hours have been poured into this product and my task is to do them justice – by finding the right people and getting them to believe in the product.

When it comes to selling or marketing a product, the most important thing to remember as well, is you should be its number one fan. You cannot sell a product if you do not believe in it – and I must say, for a non-dev, i am very impressed.

How do I intend to do that? Read part 2 of my blog as I lay down the tools I will be using to effectively market AppExpress in the most efficient way possible.