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My First Ever: Ruby Meetup

  |  April 7, 2015

I attended my first ever meetup in March. Going in, I was little nervous, a little awkward, but very excited. Meetups are hosted by different companies every month and for this one, it was hosted by Clinic IT.

The night started with 2 short talks by Nestor and Clinic IT founder Karl Nelson. Nestor shared some advice on his experiences with Docker while Karl spoke about an exciting new product that they’re launching. As with such a tight-knit RoR community here, it seemed like I was walking into a class reunion. The highlight of my night was meeting the movers and shakers of the industy. I think for next time it would be even better if there were more new people and we can do a “speed-dating” networking program to help curb the shyness and get people to really interact.