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Geekcamp 2013: A Weekend in Baguio

  |  May 31, 2013

“Give the geeks a reason to celebrate in a once a year big gathering! “ – Jason Ong, Geekcamp SG Organizer

For the second time in two years I am very fortunate to go on a trip up north to Baguio for Geekcamp 2013. Geekcamp is a tech-only conference by geeks for geeks. It is an event where seasoned technologists give back to the community by sharing their knowledge to newbies thru talks and/or workshop. It is also where everyone exposes themselves to other fields aside from their own expertise. The diversity of talents and topics pinned Geekcamp in the map of ‘must-attend’ tech events in the Philippines.

Spending one summer day in Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is an experience like no other. With the cold weather, the long series of pine trees, the Zigzag road, their tasty “cat’s tongue” or lengua de gato (a local butter scotch), not to mention the ‘top-notch’ service of Azalea Residences’ staff. It is the perfect place to reboot, explore and mingle with fellow techies.

The conference kicked-off with the presentation of the trends in Ruby, Java, PHP, Web Development, Software Development Best Practices and User eXperience. An expert in UX gave an interesting walk-through in Usability testing and getting to know ‘your users’ better. Our very own Marc Ignacio also had a presentation. He talked about dealing with Legacy Code, the only inheritance you don’t want to inherit, he fondly calls. Towards the end of the event, newbies had their hands dirty in Ruby on Rails and CakePHP. The Full list of talks can be found here.

Compared to the previous Geekcamp, the turn out of attendees is quite small. Due to this it became easier for the attendees to socialise and get acquainted. Meeting new faces opened my mind to what else is out there in the IT industry. Diversity is good and programmers should not always have to be secluded. Being able to comfortably socialize is important for career and personal growth. I myself would want to go on a journey and be a travelling hacker. I’m excited to meet new faces and learn with them along the way. How about we all attend the next Geekcamp?