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Managing Academic Organizations to Working Full Time in IT

  |  November 13, 2015
Image courtesy of UP CSI

Image courtesy of UP CSI

It was 2014 when I became an intern at ÆLOGICA, I was not used to developing web apps using Ruby on Rails and working full-time on the technical side of the industry. However, spending 240 hours with the people from this company, interacting and finishing tasks together made me feel like I am in the right place to grow.

UP CSI Presidents

Image courtesy of UP CSI

After that summer break, I went back to the academe, the same time when I was transitioning as the President of our college-based student organization UP Center for Student Innovations (CSI). UP CSI is a newly established organization, my team and I pioneered events and regular projects as well as programs where we act as an avenue for students to explore and experience the information technology world. Unlike the usual academic organization, CSI is the only one that was established to act as a socially responsible start-up business. It is service-oriented and focused on tangible results that positively impacts not only the people in the industry but also the community in general.

Having been the person in charge of overseeing the whole organization and managing the people to achieve a harmonious work environment which produces exceptional results, I have been led to overcome my anxiety of being an extrovert. I got the chance to improve my interpersonal skills and have been trained to become well rounded. I also got the chance to know myself more by knowing that I am the risk-taking kind of person but this time the risks and my ways of turning it to desirable outcomes are well-planned. Being a meticulous to details and future-minded, I came to establish a team that follows structured procedures in achieving goals. I also practiced considering every member’s opinion or suggestions regarding projects before mine as inclusive participation is a key to a well-communicated team.

After finishing my undergraduate course in UP, I chose to continue my passion for technology and innovation at ÆLOGICA. It’s actually unexpected of me, like the other people who had the same management background, to set sail in the technical part of the industry. The usual would be coursing through being a Management Trainee for a company that converges the technical and management aspects of IT, but instead of seeing this as a grid-lock for my career move to become “Passion + Career = Success and Fulfilment” I have realized that being on the technical side makes me more knowledgeable of the industry seeing how the technical people work and how its results impact change and innovation to the whole IT landscape and society.

Having the experience to lead an academic organization helped me to become holistic when it comes to problem-solving approaches such as always seeing the bigger picture of things and understanding their business values. It was a challenge to transition from being in the management field to the technical side but this background actually helped me form a backbone to visualize what my future will be, knowing that I will grow in this industry and soon enough will be covering not only the technical aspect but also in handling a team that delivers quality results.

Presently, I am assigned in internal and client projects while being trained to be an all-around developer a.k.a Full Stack Developer. I am also learning a lot here in AELOGICA and am looking forward to more opportunities to come my way.