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What Advice Would You Give Your New Graduate-self?

  |  April 13, 2015



In light of graduation season here in Manila, I’ve rounded up advice that our own Aelogicians would have given themselves straight out of school.

“Your best bet to land the job that you want is building your network base. Be professional in all communications with people, they can become the ticket to your dream job in the future.” – Ace

“Get some sleep.” – Nestor

“Don’t make life-changing decisions when you’re emotional.” – Micci

“Explore your options. Don’t be narrow-minded with the obvious choices for your particular major.” – Joanna

“Learn Ruby.” – Eumir

“Polish your resume. Always send a cover letter and more importantly a thank you note after each interview.” – Marc

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to seek them out yourself either.” – Ricky

“Be involved in the community.” – Terence

“Choosing to become a software developer involves a lifetime of learning. Remember that your journey is just getting started.” – Steve

“Get good at things needed everywhere. Communications is key in any field you’re looking get into.” – Ramon

“Nobody knows what they want to do straight out of school. Just keep going, you’re moving in the right direction.” – Karlo

And lastly, the advice that I wish someone gave to me back in the day and something I remind myself often is that success is getting what you want while happiness is wanting what you get. Never settle for something that isn’t either of those.

Got any advice you wish you got when you graduated? Comment below or tweet us @aelogica.