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Experience at ESGS – Games, People & Technology

  |  October 27, 2015

E-Sport and Game Summit(ESGS) is a two-day event where gaming convention and e-sport competition happens. Gaming companies/studios will present their current or upcoming games and the public will have a chance to try out these games. Picked by IGDA(International Game Developer Association), my friends and I got a chance to showcase our game, which was created during an IGDA hackathon event IGDA Hackathon Event

IGDA Booth at ESGS

IGDA Booth at ESGS

React Game Showcase at ESGS

React Game Showcase at ESGS

It was my first time at ESGS — both as an exhibitor and as an attendee. I have been to many other summits, but the ESGS was the most impressive. A two-day event that only deals with games was huge to me. The venue was at the SMX Convention Center, a big place and at the same time many booths showcased their respective games. Attendees were hyped and you can see they were excited as they entered the venue. Indie games under IGDA booth were awesome and very addicting especially the game Lithium City.

Tournament in ESGS

A Section in ESGS During a Tournament


Lithium City

Lithium City Display

What I Did at ESGS

  • We showcased our hackathon-made game. As attendees tried our game, it was fun and humbling to see people enjoying what you’ve done.
  • I ate because food in the event was delicious. Have you tried hotdog with crocodile meat? It’s yummy.
  • Talked and met with new people. Awesome game artists, developers, and game enthusiasts as they shared some of their experience on game events and game development stories.
  • Play games. I got a chance to play these upcoming games (this was what the summit was all about).
Neil Kim Gardose at ESGS

This is me at the ESGS

Technology on Building Games

I got a chance to talk with indie game developers about the concept and what technology they use to create their games. Some that I talked to use C#, some JavaScript; but most of them use Unity as their game engine. They told me that Unity makes their game development easy. “Just like a breath of fresh air” as one of the developers explained when he uses Unity. They also shared tips, like if you want to do game/s in Unity is to read its documentation, this way you can avoid making a feature that Unity already has.

Comparing Game and Web

I love both game and web. I sometimes create simple games if I feel doing it. Comparing the two, they both have similarities. One of which is pushing you to read their documentation (comparing Rails and Unity) for you to maximize what they can offer.