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Learning Docker: Creating a base image using a Dockerfile

  |  May 21, 2014

One can create an image using a script called a Dockerfile, a script with instructions on how to build an image. Each instruction may result in an intermediate image created in your local docker repository.

Commonly used Dockerfile instructions

  • FROM [base-image]
  • MAINTAINER [name] [email]
  • RUN [command]
  • ADD [src] [dest]
  • CMD [command]
  • EXPOSE [port]

Layering Commits

RUN deserves a special mention: this instruction enables an image to be composed of snapshots, with each snapshot layered on top of another.


To build an image from a Dockerfile, run this command from where the Dockerfile is kept:

$ docker build .
To view which images are created, run:
$ docker images
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