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Neil – JS Meetup -Thoughts

  |  May 19, 2015
Manila JS Logo

Manila JS logo courtesy of Manila JS

My fellow Aelogicians invited me to attend ManilaJS which was held last week. It was actually my first time to attend a JS meetup so I figured it would be a good idea to come along. The venue was considerably retro cozy — attendees were to sit on bean bags while the event was on-going. One of the best things about being a part of this industry is that folks gather around and talk enthusiastically about their builds, learnings, and other experiences during events like this; it creates relaxed and laid back vibe all around.

Manila JS Meetup

Manila JS Meetup courtesy of Manila JS Fridays

Despite Manila’s notorious traffic making us late, we still managed to catch the first talk that discussed real-time chat app using React and Pusher. React is a library that mainly focuses on building user interfaces for applications that can handle large data changes, while Pusher API is capable of creating realtime chat capabilities for apps. Joy Paas of Quipper talked about react components having a life-cycle and using them to subscribe to channel and listen to events. There were also mentions different pusher channel types and triggering events.

Javascript Testing Strategies

One funny instance was when Diwa Del Mundo, the other speaker, asked if they had actually tested their Javascript, and a member from the audience shouted “…YOLO!” Diwa shared his approach in doing tests, sharing a decade of development experience and techniques that would benefit not only developers but also organizations and teams that use Javascript for their applications. He talked about the testing spectrum which covers unit tests that deal with functions and modules, integration for API’s and components, and end-to-end test covers UI and application. There are three strategies to approach a quality test on a project:

  1. Enforce code standards
  2. Cultivate “testing” mindset
  3. Use good tools

Enforcing code standards with code guidelines must always have code review. Using Plato for review code quality and Instanbul for test coverage will give the developer confidence in his/her code but having a testing mindset is hard – you should have a discussion with your team or even folks that can teach you how to test. He also specified that we should always be using good tools. It’s available almost everywhere but using good tools gives the test as high quality as possible. Mocha, Chai, and Sinon is what he preferred as Chai gives would give us an assertion style of test and Sinon is for mock and stubs. Lastly, he gave a rule of thumb: “Test to minimize problems, do not test for the sake of testing”.

As a Rubyist, it was cool to see and learn about the JS community and their latest projects. I definitely took away key points that I can use for my own career growth in RoR.

Check out:

Joy Paas’s slide deck 

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