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Weekend Project: Vimercises

  |  May 15, 2012

Buddy and I were discussing how to develop our Vim skills and it led to us thinking about a game much like We discussed about creating a game where given a task in Vim, you’ll compete with other players on how fast you can finish the task.

We thought about creating a server and making people log in etc, but that’s kinda hard to set up since we’ll have to deal with security, server load, etc. So I made a quick prototype of our idea and modified it a bit.

Enter Vimercises.

These are a set of exercises that will test your knowledge of Vim. It is designed for beginners and intermediate Vim users such as ourselves(Ramon is our resident Vim expert having used it for a couple of years I think). Anyway, most of these tasks are based on our every day experiences while pairing.

Hopefully this gets to help people and make them better Vim users. Next up: a post on how the project page was setup using Jekyll, HAML, SASS, Compass and some thoughts on Vimercises version 2 – going social!