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  |  June 5, 2014
Neil Calabroso at UP CSI Event

Image courtesy of UP CSI

Because of the good news regarding our merged request, Earle and I decided to extend our feature and upload images via copy and paste (yes, we are enjoying open-source, hoho).

This new feature gave us quite a headache because we need to deal with the operating system’s native clipboard to get the copied data. Unfortunately, we found out that Google Chrome is the only browser that fully supports copy and paste. We spent lots of time debugging our code and found out that the errors we have are related how the browser’s clipboard API communicates with the operating system’s clipboard.

Nonetheless, we finished this feature and submitted another pull request. Again, the maintainers approved our proposal and it was merged to the master branch. Hooray!

Obviously, this is the most fascinating and fulfilling part of our internship. Seeing our pull requests get accepted on a big project built by fellow enthusiasts is already a privilege for us. We are really proud of our two contributions (three if you count the rejected one, hoho) and, hopefully, it will benefit the whole community for a long time.