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Learning Never Stops at ÆLOGICA

  |  July 25, 2016

We started our internship program last June 20, 2016. Steve welcomed us and shared to us how ÆLOGICA started and his plans for its expansion. On the same day, we were oriented to the main objective of the internship program—to contribute to an open-source Ruby on Rails project. We followed online Ruby and Rails tutorials, and deployed sample apps via Heroku. We also used Git and GitHub—it was my first time to utilize version control systems!

After the tutorials and exercises, I have decided to contribute to an open-source website, similar to Hacker News, called Lobsters. The first feature proposal I sent to the author was adding a search text field on the home page. Luckily, it was recognized and my proposal was tagged as a feature request. After a few days of working on this feature, I already sent my first pull request. However, the author has been inactive these past few days, and there have been no updates regarding this yet.


Current Lobsters page


Search Text Field on Lobsters Homepage

The next feature I proposed was enabling emoji in the comment box, just like what GitHub does, and decode these emojis into descriptions when sending an email. I used gems like md_emoji, red carpet, easy-emoji, and rumoji for this feature. I look forward to sending my second pull request, and have it merged as soon as possible.

See how adding emoji on the comment box works

My internship experience was a roller-coaster ride! There were ups and downs, but it’s all worthwhile. I can proudly say that I learned a lot of new things that made me very productive and passionately curious during my one month and two weeks stay at ÆLOGICA. I will surely miss the work environment and, of course, the nice people here. Thank you for having us, ÆLOGICA!